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10 Reasons Why You Need Massage


As human, we are all communicating with verbal language. Whenever we want to deliver an information, we speak it and through speaking we can understand each other. However, our body does not speak verbally. It delivers message through symptoms. We often don't pay attention to the symptoms and suddenly our body just drops because of excessive work. When we feel tired, our body tells us to have a break. Taking a nap may temporarily help to relax our body, but what about our soul? We need a total relaxation that releases more than just a physical tension. Massage is one of the most simple ways to chill our body and soul. Here are the reasons why massage plays a significant role in your daily life:

1. Boosts your mood

boost your mood
Boosts your mood

Exhaustion can drop your mood instantly. When you are tired, your body tells you that you have reached your limit and you need to have a little break. At the same time, you are prone to be upset. Your body does not have the power to lift your mood up, but massage does.  It neutralises your bad mood through its soothing sensation.

2. Relaxes your mind

Relaxes your mind

Have you ever felt like your mind can’t stop rambling even when you are sleeping? That means taking a nap is not enough to relax your mind. Massage does more than a nap. It does not only calms your body, but it also gives you a peaceful mind.

3. Relieves headache

Relieves headache

The most common cause headache is because of the tension that blocks your blood circulation to the brain. Taking pill is not the only option to relieve pain. Pills may help quicker, but remember that chemicals have a side effect to your body. If there is a natural way get rid of a headache, why not? Try having an hour massage and see the difference.

4. Releases tension

releases tension
Releases tension

Have you ever awaken with sudden stiffness around your legs, arm or neck? It can be caused by a wrong sleeping position. Neck stiffness is one of the worst things to have in the morning as you wake up. To release the tension, massage the damaged area with your hand for a few minutes. For better result, ask someone or use a device to massage you properly.

5. Soothes muscle pain

soothes muscle
Soothes muscle pain

Exercise, heavy lifting, and too much sitting sometimes cause muscle pain. This pain is caused by continual tension in specific areas such as shoulder, legs, lower back, upper back, and arms. By promoting the blood flow, massage releases your muscle tension. After having a massage, your body is more loosen up and you can flexibly do exercise better than before.

6. Reduces stress

reduce stress
Reduces stress

Tensions do not only come from muscles, but also from inside you. Overloaded office work, misfortune day, nervousness, anger, deadlines, and unfinished duties give you a lot of pressure. You can easily be stressed out by this pressure it occurs continually. To reduce stress, you need to boost your mood by taking a short vacation or simply just have a relaxing massage every single day. 

7. Promotes your health

promotes health
Promotes your health

Massage is proven can boost your immune system. People who regularly have massage have higher levels of blood proteins that fight tumours, various diseases, and other viral infections. Besides, massage helps to promote blood circulation. If you have massage every day, you will no longer complain about back pain, headache, muscle pain, and other aches. 

8. Rejuvenates your body

rejuvenates body
Rejuvenates your body

Sometimes when you have a super long day, you feel like you want to end the day right away, but the sun is still up. You close your eyes and fall asleep for few hours, but again, the day is not over yet. Taking a nap is not a solution. All you need to do is have an hour massage. Having a massage will make you feel so energised and you will be ready to continue your day.

9. Helps you sleep better

helps sleep better
Helps you sleep better

Do you have a sleeping disorder? If so, you need to try having a massage before sleeping. One of the causes you cannot sleep easily is because your body is not yet ready to sleep. No matter how long you shut your eyes, if your body does not tell you to sleep, you won’t be able to sleep. Your body agrees to sleep when you are more relaxed, so have a massage to calms your system.

10. Reduce tiredness

reduce tiredness
Reduce tiredness

Are you overwhelmed by tons work and too exhausted to continue your day? Tiredness is everyone’s problem, who don’t get tired? It’s something you regularly deal with, but sometimes you are not aware of it. You know that you are tired when your mood and stamina are down. Once you notice it, have a rest. If a short break does not help, massage will certainly do.

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