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Best handheld massage devices


Massage is a great way to give your body and your mind some extra care and attention and it's is one of the best way to relax and well being. It can ease stress, depression, and anxiety, new research has uncovered more surprising benefits but people often don't realize how easy it it to give themselves a massage or how beneficial it can be.

There are some fantastic massage devices out there that can help you achieve that and keep your muscles healthy and far from tiredness. Indeed it relaxes your muscles and gives you a soothing feeling and relief your stiffness and stress. To help ensure a long and successful career, it's important to remember to take care of yourself, too.

We have selected five of the best handheld massage devices with something for every aching muscle from your scalp to your toes.

Handheld Percussion Massager

It's shipped with 6 Interchangeable Nodes, 6 Speeds & 6 Modes, Portable Cordless Electric Deep Tissue Massage for Muscle Back Neck Shoulder Foot Leg Body Pain Relief, Car Home & Office

RENPHO Powerful Cordless Electric Full Body Massager

The RENPHO Electric Percussion Massager has a powerful motor, long-lasting Li-ion battery, and is made out of high quality ABS plastic. It can effectively help you relieve aches and pains in your shoulders, neck, back, joints, foot, leg, and calves. It is also useful if you need to speed up muscle recovery or simply wish to relax. Ideal to use any time of the day, whether it is throughout the day, after work, or after sports.

Gladness Body Cordless Percussion Therapeutic Massager

Small But Powerful muscle massager, very portable for traveling, hiking, camping or business. It gives gentle but effective relief.

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Massage Roller Ball

This Massage Ball Roller is a handheld, easy to use massager that is made from high quality materials. It comes with an ergonomic handle that holds the ball perfectly so it is effortless to use. it glides smoothly on the skin or even over clothes. You can easily position it to the aching areas and glide it in any direction you want and apply the pressure that suits you.

You can use it any time of the day, every day! It is small so you can carry it with you wherever you go. Reap the benefits that a good massage can give you, go and get your own Body Back Massage Roller Ball today!

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Dr. Berg's Massage Tool

This invention makes it easy to get the stress out and get a wonderful rest. It was designed after Dr. Berg’s hand, but the secret is in the tripod design. This allows you to use different widths for different techniques as well as have it be stabilized when you do this in bed or on your couch. Use this for neck, lower back, feet discomfort and just as a general stress extractor.

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SinLoon Finger Massager

Hand massage related points of lethargy caused by prolonged computer operation, hand numbness, joint pain, gastrointestinal discomfort and other symptoms can play an effective role in mitigation. Professional hand beauty products, make more slender fingers, hand skin smooth and elastic. For better stimulation of nerve endings, which will help blood circulation, promote metabolism, anti-aging 

Be free to control the massage intensity according to the degree of personal comfort, reasonable efforts output, effectively replace manual massage, fingers more easily. 

Enjoy soothing warmth and improved circulation when you slide your finger or hand into these uniquely shaped rollers.

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Hand Held Mini Massager

Treat yourself to a relaxing massage anytime, anywhere. Don't be fooled by its size; this handheld massager does wonders.

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