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Beurer Foot Massager


Foot massage is considered in modern medicine as an alternative treatment that not only boosts general health and rehabilitates injuries but also reduces anxiety, stress and relieves pain. Having a good foot massager machine will be a great start for your ticket to good health.

Are you an athlete? Do you spend most of your time on your feet? Do you have plantar fasciitis? Pain on side of foot is the most common problem that is often ignored. It won’t cure itself immediately unless you take an action. 

Your feet carry you all day long. They deserve a little treat.

You should do self-therapy regularly before the pain stops you doing sport which is very significant to your career. To relieve the pain, you will need a device that allows you to have a relaxing massage by yourself.

Beurer Foot Massager With Built in Heat Function

Beurer Foot Massager With Built in Heat Function
Beurer Foot Massager With Built in Heat Function, Shiatsu like Features
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Beurer Shiatsu Foot Massager is designed with 18 rotating massage to relax your tense foot and to give you a deep penetrating foot massage. This device allows you to feel the sensation of shiatsu massage as good as human hands do by imitating the motion of the hands of the therapist. What makes this massage device better than the human hand is the heat function. This incredible function doubles the foot relaxation at home. Beurer Shiatsu Foot Massager can adjust the height using the twisting pegs at the bottom of the device. With this added feature, you can tilt the angle by individually adjusting the height of the pegs. This massager treats you to an optimally adapted massage. Unlike foot massagers that you slip your feet into, this item is way much more simple and does not have foot size limit. You just need to place your feet on top of the rotating rollers that are covered by cloth platform and enjoy the deep kneading massage.

The best part about this device is it is covered by the surface that is made of breathable mesh material. Without upper foot platform to put your feet in, this foot massager eases your foot get on and get off the device quickly and allows your foot to breath. Underneath rollers are powerful enough to hit the sore points and release the tension.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed with 18 rotating massage heads 
  • 2 speed levels with different massage strength to change to your preference
  • Heat function provides soothing warmth for tense feet therefore intensifying the effects of the massage
  • Surface made of breathable mesh material
  • Switchable heat
  • Adjustable feet allow for comfortable positioning
  • Product dimensions: 15 x 17 x 5.5 inches 
  • Super lightweight; 6.8 pounds

As a device with universal foot size, this massage device is great as a gift. Besides, it is totally affordable! You can get two of these for under $122; one for you, one for your beloved one. Isn’t it amazing to have a high quality product that does not cost you a lot?


The circular motion of the rollers naturally pushes your feet off either side of the item, so you need to find a good sitting position that allows you to put some weight on your feet to avoid it slipping off your feet.

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