The best neck and back massage massage devices :

5 Best Pillow Massager Under 50$
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5 Best Massaging Pillows Under 50$

Pillow massagers are fantastic portable electronic massage devices that can help you relieve your tired sore muscles, aches and pains. They are made to fit behind your neck, lower back and they can even be used for other parts of your body, you lumbar, your arms, legs, calves, feet soles, buttocks, ankles, and arches. 

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Cordless Shiatsu Massager Review

Cordless Shiatsu Massager

Cordless Shiatsu Massager can be used at home, at work, at the office, at car or even when you are traveling. It is ergonomically designed to fit against the contour of your neck, lower, and upper back. It can be used for deffirent parts of your body. It is a wonderfull massager for your abdomen, thighs, legs, and calf muscles.

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Zyllion Shiatsu Massage Pillow Review

Zyllion front

Zyllion Shiatsu Massage Pillow with Heat provide a luxurious massage at your own home, with that product you don't need to go to spa and you can use it anytime you feel yourself needing a massage. The ergonomic construction fits perfectly in the small of your back or neck while its 4 deep-kneading rotating nodes work wonders to relieve aches, knots and muscle tension.

Naipo Back Massager Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion for Full Back and Neck with Heat Function
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Naipo Shiatsu Neck and Full Back Massage Seat Cushion

Comprises of vibrating seat, lower and upper back massager, and neck massager, Naipo massager gives you an instant full relaxation. The seat is designed with 3 intensity levels of vibration, while the back massager has upper, lower, full body massage settings. Similar to back massager, neck massager is completed with massage settings such as up, down, and clockwise. These settings can be found in the remote control connected to the massager. You can customize the massage modes just by selecting the options on the remote control. Both of seat and back massager have heater to keep you warm while being massaged. The interesting part is the device allows you to have separate full body massage at the same time as you are sitting.