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Healthmateforever electronic pulse massager review


TENS Healthmate Forever Stimulator display may seem like your air conditioner remote, but unlike any other remote, this majestic device is extremely advanced product. It has 15 modes that ease you to select any options that work best for your pain relief and 20 levels of intensity of massage. These levels help you to adjust your the massage based on your preference without decreasing the power. If you are used to have muscle therapy, this device is perfectly suitable for you because it has equal strength as the massaging device in therapist. Amazingly, all the eight sticky pads transfer equal strength to the different parts of your body at the same time, so the pain at the different spots will relieve altogether. You can also adjust the speed, choose any of 9 auto stimultion program, and 6 massage settings.

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Healthmateforever massager for all body parts

10 Reasons Why you Need TENS Healthmate Forever Stimulator

Unique sensation like no other

TENS Healthmate Massaging Device
Healthmateforever electronic pulse massager
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Having seen this product for the first time, you might wonder how this device works whether it is a kind of device that relief pain through gentle vibration or massaging movement. In fact, this device works uniquely unlike any of those mentioned. Once you place the sticky thin pad on your painful muscle, you will be surprised by the jolting sensation. This sensation may sound intimidating, but it is actually not. It feels like the pain is being magnetized to the surface of the skin where the pad is placed and it is gone. Yes it is weird, but no doubt, it works magically!

Completely Automatic

Completed with button names that control the power to the targeted area from your neck to your foot, TENS Healthmate Forever Stimulator relieves the pain right exactly from the source of the pain with just one single click. These 17 named buttons allow you to select the specific area, adjust the timing and select the type of massage such as knead, acupuncture, tap, cupping, scraping (gusha), and random. By giving you options to set the intensity, targeted area, and kind of massage, you can customize the massage based on your personal preference without having to worry to get hurt.


As it is come with a small size and super handy, you can take it anywhere you want without taking so much space in your bag. It is simply designed to allow you to have a massage in any places such as home, office, or wherever you are. Unlike other type of massaging device that comes with massive size, TENS Healthmate Forever Stimulator is a portable device with least noticeable appearance, so it will be less awkward when you use it in the public space.

Hits right to the targeted area

The electrode pads that are connected to LCD display-remote control reach specific area of your body such as foot or hand, wrist, knee, ankle, hip, elbow, shoulder, back, and neck. A massaging device with LCD display, easy-click buttons with numbers of options, and fantastic electrode pads for targeted massage, is definitely a high-tech product that is super easy to be used.

An easy way to relieve pain

Do you often have muscle, joints, tendons, or ligament pain? If you do, you must have TENS Healthmate Forever Stimulator right away because it is a great device to get rid of the aches, especially in the specific area of your body. The High-Frequency Pulses helps to reduce sore by giving you a low voltage jolting massage that stimulates your blood circulation at the targeted area. Each type of massaging device has its ways of relieving pain, but what makes this device special is that it targets specific parts that need a treatment. Therefore, you don’t need to have massive device to randomly massage the whole part of the body and missing the point that actually needs to be relieved.

TENS Healthmate Massaging Device
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It is not true that you can’t expect a lot from an inexpensive product because TENS Healthmate Forever Stimulator is unlike other budget products that work for a limited period of time. TENS Healthmate Forever Stimulator is budget high-tech product with a lot of options and benefits, believe it. No need to empty your wallet just to have an instant relaxing massage as today TENS Healthmate Forever Stimulator provide you unlimited time of massage without loosing another penny. Purchasing this massaging device is totally worthwhile!

A Range of options

TENS Healthmate Forever Stimulator is shipped with a range of advanced options and features that can help you manage your pain in different areas of your body in an easy way.


TENS Healthmate Forever Stimulator is a well built product that does not consume a lot of power and lasts for a long period of time. Although it requires 3 AAA batteries to operate, it does not drain the battery quickly. Normally, the batteries live up to three months of daily use. However, it also depends on the number of use and brand of battery. If you need to replace the electrode pad, it is possible to purchase the pad separately on amazon without having to buy the whole new set of the product.

As a gift, why not?

It is better to give someone you love with a multi-benefit wellness product rather than a fancy disposable product, isn’t it?  Instead of purchasing short lasting expensive products such as perfume, beauty products, or skin care products, it is so much better to buy a durable and multi-benefit wellness product. TENS Healthmate Forever Stimulator is a great choice as a gift. This wellness product could never go wrong as a gift as it is really useful for everyone. Besides, the person who receives it will definitely love your gift and might consider you as a thoughtful person.

Safe to use

It has auto shut off after 80 minutes of use, so you don’t need to worry that it may harm you if you fall asleep without shutting it down. Besides, it does not sting your skin badly as it jolts you with low voltage. TENS Healthmate Forever Stimulator is safe for your grandma and grandpa, but be sure you consult it to the physician before using to those who have some special circumstances include serious heart condition, pregnant, infectious disease, abnormal blood pressure, and abnormal skin condition.


  • Relief pain in specific areas
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Safe for all ages of grown ups
  • Completed with a range of options
  • Less power consuming
  • Replaceable electrode pads
  • High quality product at low-cost
  • Super easy to use
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Super handy and perfect for travel


It is a non-chartable device, so you need to manually insert 3 AAA batteries. Although you need to replace the battery within a certain period of time, you don’t need to worry for changing it a lot as it does not consume a lot of power.

FDA Cleared portable YK15RC HealthmateForever rechargeable TENS Unit Electrical Muscle Stimulator

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