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3 Top Products to Get Rid of Muscle Pain


As the number one brand of pain relief device, HealthmateForever offers you high-quality, a hundred percent drug-free, portable, easy to use, expert recommended, durable, safe, and effective products.

HealthmateForever NK10GL tens unit

Portable Unit Handheld Lower Back Palm Plus Digital 10 Modes Machine Pain Relief
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HealthmateForever NK10GL TENS unit is one of the most purchased HealthmateForever products which is known for its unique method to reduce pain. This device reduces pain through electrodes that contain small electrical impulses. Place the electrodes on your skin, turn the device on, and select the massage modes. There are eight massage modes; acupuncture, tuina, cupping, tapping, scraping, foot, body building, and combination. By selecting the Body Building (Mode 8), HealthmateForever NK10GL TENS unit helps to tone, firm, and improve the strength of the gluteal muscle. The device relieves the pain through its method of blocking the pain signal from nerves.

This small device is completed with so many great features. The first awesome feature is adjustable intensity. There are 10 levels of strength that you can adjust by clicking + button for increasing and - button for decreasing. The animated backlit LCD Display eases you to monitor the device work. If you are wondering whether the device is safe and suitable for the elderly, the answer is yes. By setting the 10-60 minute timer, you don't need to worry about leaving it operating when you are asleep. In case you have an emergency situation, press the pause button (center button). 

There are three things to consider before you finally decide to get a massage device; function, versatility, and durability. HealthmateForever NK10GL TENS unit has all the things you look for. Compared to the versatility of other types of massage devices, this product is way much more flexible as you can place the pad to specific parts of your body and get a relieving treatment at the same time. Thus, this device makes the pain relief therapy more efficient. Speaking about the durability, no doubt. The original sticky pads that are attached to the cable of the controller can be reused many times. The best thing about the pad is once the pad is getting less sticky, you can replace it with the new one which is sold separately.

The good thing about this self-adhesive pad that is very flexible for your skin surface. In a single pack, you will get 10 pieces (5 pairs) of non-woven material electrode pads. Each has a snap-on pad in the middle of the 3 x 1.75 inch pad. Be sure to clean the pad after using by dropping a little clean water on the sticky side (the dark one) and then gently use your fingertips to clean it. As the pad is durable, it can be reused multiple time. To store the pads, place the film on the sticky side of the pads, so the gel will remain moistened. 

HealthmateForever Electrode Pads
FDA cleared HealthmateForever massage electrode pads
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Features & Benefits

  • Features 8 massage like modes
  • Operates with small electrical impulses
  • Multi-function, durable, and flexible
  • Safe method to relief pain and improve relaxation
  • Highly effective solution to solve muscle problem
  • Completed with 10-60 minutes timer
  • Designed with LCD Screen and wireless pad feature
  • Features 10 adjustable intensity levels
  • Super easy to use for everyone
  • Operates with battery
  • Replaceable electropads 


If you are sensitive to small electricity impulses, this one might not be for you, but Healthmate Forever offers many other great products that you might be interested in.

HealthmateForever Pressure Activated Massage Pillow

This vibrating massage pillow is a perfect choice for those who needs a cosy, soft, durable, and multi-benefits pillow at a low cost.  With only less than $20 you can have a pillow that helps you relax. You can sit on top of it, lean back on it, put your feet on it, or even hug it. The vibration eases your tense muscle by promoting the blood circulation. It has comfortable foam and functions more than a cushioning. Its fancy looking cover makes it great as a decorative pillow. There are three colours available; red brick, brown, and slate blue. What makes this device durable is that the cover is easy to clean. You can remove it for a wash and the cover material is totally washable. To turn on the Healthmate Forever pillow, just press against the pillow.  The vibration will start as soon as you press it. It will be deactivated once you remove the pressure. This pillow massager is built with a gentle vibration and bi-directional dual micro motors that allow you to adjust the switch the speed; high and low. It is a cordless device that requires only 2 D batteries. 

Healthmateforever vibrating massage pillow
HealthmateForever Pressure Activated Massage Pillow
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Features & Benefits

  • Built with gentle vibration and bi-directional dual micro motors
  • Portable, versatile and suitable for head to toe 
  • Affordable and easy to use (vibrate when pressed)
  • Features a soft, durable, and washable cover
  • Great as a massage device and a decorative pillow
  • A Cordless product that requires only 2 D batteries
  • Simple power control and switchable speed
  • Available in 3 colors (Slate Blue, Brown, Brick Red)


This is a firm pillow, so this is not for those are looking for a "sink" pillow. However, with such a good price and multiple benefits, it surely does better than a regular pillow.  

HealthmateForever Massage Pillow

Healthmate multi-functional Massage Pillow is an awesome product to have in your car. It can massage lower back and neck while you are sitting on the car seat. You definitely need to get one if you spend most of your time driving. A long drive can be very exhausting. This fantastic massager helps to relax your tense muscle while driving. Just place it on your car seat and you are good to go. The unit stays for about 20 minutes by default. Completed with heat feature, this product promotes your blood circulation and keeps your body warm during cold winter days. The heat can be switched on or off while the massage mode is on. The best thing about this product is that it is completed with remote control. The remote control eases you to access the device while driving, so you will not be distracted to turn it back on after it automatically shuts down. Although it looks perfect for car use, the device is actually great for home and office use too. It fits nicely to your office chair. For home use, you just need to use house power adapter that is provided in the package. The pillow massager also helps to get rid of migraine, back or neck problem, and stiff muscle. Last but not least, it is affordable! With less than $65, you can get a great companion for your road trip.

HealthmateForever 6 heads remote controlled full body pain relief massager
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Features and Benefit

  • Multi-function and suitable for car use
  • Comfortable way to relieve pain and relax
  • Completed with remote control
  • Durable cover and exquisite design 
  • Completed with soothing heat
  • Fast delivery (ship to USA within 1 business day)
  • Features 6 Massage Nodes (4 deep kneading and 2 soft kneading)


The product ships to USA only

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