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Naipo Shiatsu Massage Throw Pillow Review


Today’s massaging devices have been developed to suit various needs anywhere and anytime. Thanks to Naipo for releasing Naipo Shiatsu Kneading Massage Throw Pillow with Heating that enables you having an incredible massaging experience wherever you are! No matter how busy you are, you can enjoy Naipo Throw Pillow massage whilst doing your activities. It’s more than just a portable massaging device and it surprisingly comes with a deluxe design, soothing heating feature, and intense massage. 

Product Details

Naipo Pillow Car
"Naipo Cordless Back Massager Deep Shiatsu Massage Throw Pillow with Heating and Linen Cover for Car, Home and Office Use

Once you purchase, you will get a set of MGP-130ED Massage Throw Pillow with 45*45cm size, car adapter, and user manual. The product has a chargeable battery that can be charged in the car or at home, so you can recharge after 1.5 hours of usage. While sleeping, you can leave it charged for about 4.5 to 5.5 hours for use during the day. As it is designed beautifully in perfect size and elegant display, it is suitable to be used at home, office, car, or even during travel. The device has 2-year warranty and returnable within 30 days without any reason.

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5 Reasons Why Naipo Massage Throw Pillow Is Good For You

In the term of operation, it is very simple to use as it does not require remote control to function. To turn on, just press the power button at the lower back of the pillow and you will get an instant massage. Press the button twice to activate the warming feature. The nodes move clockwise when as you press the power button once and anti-clockwise when pressed twice. 

Naipo Pillow Power

Completed with durable smooth linen cover, it is cosy and soft for your skin. In addition, you can wash the outer cover as it has zipper. Unlike most massaging devices that are designed similar to car seat model, Naipo Massage Throw Pillow has deluxe and minimalist design with natural color of the linen cover. Thus, you can take it anywhere as it is seem like regular pillow without feeling awkward carrying a massaging device in public place.

The device port is manufactured specifically for the product with DC power adapter that suits the usage in the vehicle or at home. You can use it whilst it is being charged, but you better leave it charged overnight for more convenience. The battery lives up to 1.5 hours, so you can use it about 4 times in a day with 20 minutes massage each. About the safety, you don’t need to worry as the device will automatically shuts down after 20 minutes.

Having a massage pillow is perfect for those who prefer instant and portable massager since it does not mount to home furniture. The size is just perfect for travel, not too big, not too small. You can place it on the office chair, couch, or anywhere at the back of your seat. It can be used in any positions.

Last but not least, this fantastic product comes with a good price. If you are a mobile person, Naipo Massage Throw Pillow worth to have. Consumers have rated this product with five stars and many have claimed that the pain quickly is relieved after using this posture pump. Excellent rating, incredible product, multiple benefits, and good price, you get all you need in one package!


Your pets might love the pillow texture to scratch, so keep away from them.

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