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Pure Wave CM7 Cordless Muscle, Joint and Facial Massager


Pure Wave is a great massager you need to have when you have no time to go to massage therapist. It is recommended by the therapist to help you do self-massage at home. What makes Pure Wave CM7 super special is its versatility. It conforms your body contour and you can switch the tips to massage specific parts of your body such as scalp, lower back, neck, shoulder and knees. 

Pure Wave CM7 Cordless Muscle, Joint and Facial Massager
Pure-Wave CM7 Cordless Massager
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The Pure Wave CM7 has a powerful motor that allows the massage tip to penetrate deep into muscle tissue and speed up the recovery of your tired muscle. The first thing you might wonder before getting a handheld massager for your back is whether the device can reach the lower back easily without getting your hand tired. It doesn't make sense to buy a device that fixes one particular spot but troubles the other side of your body. Some devices have heavy motors that do not ease you to lift it or even move it, but The Pure Wave CM7 is super lightweight for such a powerful handheld massager.

With compact size (16.5" L x 2.75"W x 4"H), this portable back massager can easily fit into your bag, so you can take it with you while travelling. The device is completed with a lithium battery that allows you to enjoy the professional-grade massage without having difficulties to find a plug. Besides, it requires only one-hour charging and ready to go for up to 180 minutes. 

After workouts, your tired muscles will be recovered instantly by using Pure Wave CM7 massager. Attach the point stick to the tip and rub the Pure Wave CM7 massager from your shoulder down to the lower back and you will feel so relaxed. Completed with vibration, this awesome massager promotes circulation and eases tense muscles.

Compared to other handheld back massagers, Pure Wave is super easy to use and cordless, so you won't get tangled while having a self-massage. It is also completed with six different attachments that work for various purposes on different parts of your body. 

Point Stick

Point Stick

This massage stick relieves pain around the shoulder, lower back, neck, and neck. It is a great device for those who often have muscle knots and adhesion due to heavy lifting. Using the point stick along the shoulder blade soothes the trigger points. You can feel strong, but gentle back massage without a help of a therapist. 

Pure Wave CM7 Cordless Muscle, Joint and Facial Massager
Head Stick

6-Head Stick

These six stimulating balls is built for massaging major muscle groups and improving the circulation. It helps to relieve your muscle stiffness especially after hours of working behind the desk. 6-Head Stick is also great for speeding muscle recovery after sport. It is good for yoga to restore motion and flexibility. Thighs, calves, lower back, hips, and gluts are the main target you should try on.

Pure Wave CM7 Cordless Muscle, Joint and Facial Massager
Air Cushion

Air Cushion

Have you ever been massaged using a tennis ball? The Air cushion tip is like the concept of massage using a tennis ball. It allows air to go through the shoulder and knee without getting injured or hurt. You can feel the air moving inside the soft silicone. If you have a knee problem, you will definitely need to use this. Unlike other products that have hard surfaces and unfriendly to some parts of your body, air cushion helps to brush along the knee and other delicate areas. 

Pure Wave CM7 Cordless Muscle, Joint and Facial Massager
Facial stick

Facial Stick

Isn't it amazing to have a self-massage device that can also do good for your face? The Facial Massage Stick is more than just a bonus included in a device that is mostly built for the body. What makes this massage tip great is that it revitalises, tightens, and cleanses the facial skin. Apply the microvibration motor and cleansers, toners, creams, or mosturizer while massaging your face using facial massage stick. The movement does not only help to make your skin healthier, but it also helps to do a deep cleaning.

Pure Wave CM7 Cordless Muscle, Joint and Facial Massager
Body massage oil stick

Body Massage Oil Stick

This tip is unique as it is built with super smooth and flat surface that is a perfect massage match to use with essential oils or pain cream. You can double the joy of couple massage using this fantastic tip!

Pure Wave CM7 Cordless Muscle, Joint and Facial Massager
Scalp massage stick

Scalp Massage Stick

Scalp Massage Stick is great for relieving the headaches and stress. It looks like a small comb, but it actually not for hair at all. The scalp massager functions as a replacement of a hand massage on your scalp while you are having cream bath at the hair spa. The massage stick is built to massage temples, upper neck, and scalp. Its soft rubber tips help to loosen tight muscles around your upper body.

Features and Benefits

  • 1-year warranty
  • Versatile for all parts of the body
  • Completed with powerful motor
  • Relieves muscle pain, headache, backache and sore foot
  • Designed with switchable and multiple massage tips
  • Cordless, affordable, portable, durable and easy to use
  • Speeding muscle recovery and prevents sports injury
  • Completed with microvibration therapy
  • Great for home or on the go use
  • Massages scalp, temples and upper neck
  • Improves circulation around hips, lower back, and thighs
  • Relieves stress and gives you comfort
  • Suitable for knees, shins, wrists, ankles, shoulder joints, and shoulder blade
  • Designed with two adjustable speed motors for two types of massage and dual motor control (Percussion and Vibration Mode)


For some people who are prone to microvibration, the vibration may cause itchiness. However, it really helps to alleviate pain and gives more benefit that you would thank for.


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