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Shiatsu 3d Lumbar Massager With Heat Review


Shiatsu 3d lumbar massager with heat is an ideal product for your lower back when you sitting at home on a chair or a sofa, at work or at the office. It is ergonomically designed to fit your lower spine curvature with heat for total relaxation. You can use it while sitting or lying down. The massage is more aggressively hard, so if you are tender, put a towel between the massager and you.

Shiatsu 3d Lumbar Massager With Heat
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  •     4 sets of double massage nodes soothe aching lumbar muscles, relieve tightness, and help promote muscle recovery
  •     Selectable heat further relaxes back muscles
  •     True 3-dimensional massage closely follows the contours of your lower back
  •     Dual-node massagers alternate directions after every minute of massage
  •     Adjustable straps hold pillow to back of a chair
  •     Can be used seated or lying down
  •     Fits perfectly in the small of your back—adds support even when you’re not getting a massage
  •     Includes AC adapter


Unlike most pillow massaging device, the Lumbar massager has peculiar design and sized slightly bigger (17.1 x 12.2 x 5.5 inches). With 4 sets of dual massage nodes and selectable heat, Lumbar massager relieves tightness and boosts muscle recovery. The special feature of the product is its 3-dimensional massage that fits the contour of your lower back. As it is bigger than regular portable massager, it reaches wider area of your back. Back strap is provided to secure the device to your chair. 

The massager works with two-way Shiatsu motion that reverses after a minute of massage and it can be used while sitting or lying down. AC adapter is included.

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The massage is quite powerful and may not be suitable for some people. Nonetheless, most consumers are pleased with the tension and overall function of the product.

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IMPORTANT Any individual who may be pregnant or recently gave birth, has a heart condition or a pacemaker, suffers from diabetes or other sensory impairment, phlebitis and/or thrombosis, joint dysfunction, inflammation or injuries, weak bones, osteoporosis, a high fever, an abnormal or curved spine, is at an increased risk of developing blood clots, has pins/screws/artificial joints or other medical devices implanted in his/her body, is being treated for a medical condition or physical injury or is under a doctor's care should consult with a medical professional before using a massaging device designed for home use.

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