The best headache massage devices:

10 reasons why you need massage
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10 Reasons Why You Need Massage

As human, we are all communicating with verbal language. Whenever we want to deliver an information, we speak it and through speaking we can understand each other. However, our body does not speak verbally. It delivers message through symptoms. 

8 Head & Neck Scalp Stress Relief Octopus Massagers Massage Relax
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Handheld Scalp Massager

Amongst manual massaging machines that are well known for years, head massager with flexible rods has been popular in these recent years. It has an easy-to-use tool that allows you to gently massage and reach the sensitive pressure points distributed over the top and around your head. This hand Held Scalp Massager is comprises of flexible wire and plastic ball at the end that will soothe your scalp. It is available in two colors; pink and green.